The Revolution of Artificial Intelligence in Event Planning

Inteligencia Artificial - Inusual Events

‍Artificial intelligence (AI) has experienced exponential growth in various industries and fields. It’s not surprising that the event planning and management sector is actively adopting this technology. AI is transforming how events are planned, promoted, and executed, creating more efficient and personalized experiences for everyone. In this article, we will explore how artificial intelligence is … Read more

10 Essential Tips for Organizing an Outdoor Event

10 Consejos Esenciales para Organizar un Evento al Aire Libre

The world of event planning has undergone a considerable evolution in recent years. With the growing need for innovation and creating memorable experiences, outdoor events have become a popular trend. However, planning an outdoor event can be a real challenge, especially if you want it to be a huge success. Here are 10 essential tips for organizing an outdoor event.

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Event organisation trends for the future

The world of events is constantly changing and in recent years we have seen how new technologies and social networks influence how they are planned, implemented and evaluated. This article examines the major trends that will mark the future of event organisation, based on information gathered from various sources and experts in the field. Co-creation … Read more

Events accessible for the disabled: a planning priority

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility or hearing or visual impairment is essential when planning any event or congress. It is not just a matter of equality and social justice but also a way to ensure that all participants can fully enjoy the experience and obtain maximum benefit. Below we present some key aspects for … Read more

Discover the future of ecological gatherings: key advice for organising unforgettable sustainability events

Sustainability events have become increasingly important in the business and social world. Such events are organised taking social and environmental impact into account and aim to minimise the respective negative effects. In this article we will show you how to organise unforgettable sustainability events, following best practices for planning ecological events, besides sharing ideas and advice so that your events can be as sustainable as possible.

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